Our Team

This area of our website gives you some information about each of the members of our team.

You can see what they look like and learn a little about them professionally and personally.

But it is important to us that we are seen as a team. That is how we think of the firm and that is how we would like our clients to see us.

Inside LFF is an extremely supportive group of individuals - each of whom is keen to ensure that our clients come first. But each of whom at the same time will respond positively to the needs of the other members of the team and step in wherever and whenever there is a need to be met.

If you contact us and the individual that you usually deal with is not available, someone else will be there to help you. Mostly this just entails taking a message and passing it on - but if your need is urgent and cannot wait there will be someone around who will see that you get what you need.

We also think it important that we talk to each other - bounce our ideas and thoughts off another member of the team; and share our problems, because a quick chat with someone else will always give you a different angle and often a solution to a particular problem.