Fee protection service

With HM Revenue and Customs changing the way it investigates taxpayers, there is a greater chance of facing an enquiry. The cover that this service provides can significantly reduce your costs if you are selected for enquiry or investigation.
The service covers both “full enquiries”, (where HMRC asks to inspect all the books and records), and the smaller and increasingly frequent “aspect enquiries” (where HMRC just want more details about a tax return or an entry in it). These less formal processes of enquiry, sometimes combining general tax enquiries with VAT and PAYE inspections, can still be disruptive and expensive.
‘Premier Protection’ is insured with CCH - a major publisher of legal and accountancy reference material, who provide technical services to the Institute of Chartered Accountants amongst others. LFF is the insured party and we would deal with any claims.

Membership of the LFF Fee Protection service is on an annual basis with a renewal date of 1 May. It remains excellent value and provides up to £100,000 of cover towards our fees in working on your tax enquiry or investigation. This means that we can provide as much support as is needed to arrive at the best outcome for you and your business. You will not have to bear these costs or worry about them.
The cost of the service remains the same as last year subject to the increase in VAT. There are additional charges for very large organisations but, with the exception of just one or two of our very largest clients, the annual costs for the year from 1 May 2014 are:

NetIncluding VAT
Limited company£ 150£ 180
Partnership£ 140£ 168
Sole trader£ 115£ 138
Individual tax return£ 50£ 60 (non business)

Cover for partnerships and companies includes cover for enquiries into the personal tax returns of the directors or partners where LFF is the appointed tax agent. However individual membership is required if the individual has self-employment or rental income of more than £50,000.

Business Support Helpline

Included with the service is access to the CCH Business Support Helpline (calls charged at 5p per minute). The helpline offers unlimited telephone advice from experts in their respective fields on legal and commercial (but not tax) matters including employment law, Health and Safety, Landlord and Tenant and copyright and patent law.