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We do not produce a regular newsletter because important events and changes (as far as they relate to tax and financial matters) do not occur at regular intervals.

We do, from time to time, and as and when there is something worth saying, write an informal email letter which is sent to our clients, our contacts, and our other friends.

These letters are available as PDF downloads on this page and recent versions are listed in the menu on the right.

If you would like to be sent these letters as and when they are issued please send an email to Mallory Gore and we will add you to the mailing list. Of course if you already receive them and would like us to stop sending them to you an email to us should make this happen!

If there are any issues that you would like us to cover in these letters, or if you have any comments on any of them please let us know by sending us an email.

Forms P11D for the year ended 5 April 2017

With the tax year end having recently passed, all employers are now required to consider whether there are any benefits in kind or reimbursed expenses that need to be reported to H.M. Revenue & Customs on a form P11D for their employees.

The rules governing what needs to be reported on a form P11D have recently changed so to assist with the collation of the required information, you will find a link on the right to a P11D questionnaire which will assist us in reviewing what, if anything needs to be reported to H.M. Revenue & Customs by 6 July 2017.

If you have any questions on the reporting requirements, please contact Sam Wells.

2017 Spring Budget Newsletter

Our 2017 Spring Budget Newsletter has recently been sent to clients and contacts by email. The link on the right will take you to a PDF copy of this newsletter.

If you did not receive an email copy of this and would like to receive emails of our occasional newsletters in future please
send us an email
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Employment and pensions - auto-enrolment update

Major changes are currently underway to force 11 million UK employees to join a pension scheme and this will have a significant impact on all UK employers, both large and small. This major reform means that every employer with at least one employee will be required to set up a pension scheme for their employees, as well as making contributions on their behalf. 

The links on the right will take you to a copy of our brochure that we will be sending to our payroll clients shortly, as well as a summary of the changes that are taking place.

If you would like to receive a copy of the brochure or have any questions on this area, please send us an email or see Contact Us for other options.

Fee protection service

With H.M. Revenue and Customs changing the way it investigates taxpayers, there is a greater chance of facing an enquiry. This cover can significantly reduce your costs if you are selected for enquiry or investigation.

Our ‘Premier Protection’ fee protection service, is insured with CCH - a major publisher of legal and accountancy reference material

The service covers both “full enquiries”, (where HMRC asks to inspect all the books and records), and the smaller and increasingly frequent “aspect enquiries” (where HMRC just want more details about a tax return or an entry in it). These less formal processes of enquiry, sometimes combining general tax enquiries with VAT and PAYE inspections, can still be disruptive and expensive.

Included with the service is access to the CCH Business Support Helpline

Details of the scheme are set out here.