On these pages we explain what it is we do for our clients - how we help them and bring benefits to them and their businesses.

Some of our clients will perhaps use us in a single capacity whilst for others we will be providing a wide range of our services.

In all cases what we do, and how we do it, will be tailored to your needs; and will be designed to fit in with the way in which you work and your business operates.

The working methods are developed in discussion with you and inevitably they will develop and change over time.

It is this that we believe enables us to work with our clients and not just for them; and it is this way of working that ensures that you, the client, get as much as possible from the relationship.


A significant part of our work is in providing outsourced financial and accounting support services to clients. Some of the organisations using these services are quite small whilst others are substantial entities.

Sometimes this is done because it is more economic for the business; sometimes because the business lacks the resources. In reality it is usually a combination of the two.

Often this arrangement makes good sense because the skills that are required are only needed within the client organisation for a short time - perhaps only a few hours - each month. By working with LFF in this way you can have access to a wide range of skills possessed by several different members of our team, rather than the skills of one member of your staff.

The package of services that makes up each outsourcing assignment obviously varies according to the needs and resources of the client organisation - and as with all assignments that package too changes and develops over time.

We would be very happy to talk to you about this service, and to explore the ways in which your business could benefit from outsourcing some (or all) of your accounting functions.

Talk to your contact at LFF about our outsourcing service, or call one of the team or send us an email and we will get in touch with you.